English version of Banalata Sen – Ranesh Ray

English version of Banalata Sen – Ranesh Ray

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Banalata Sen of Jibanananda Das translated 

Ranesh Ray

I walk and walk along
I have travelled since
Thousand of years long
Along the path of earth I roam
In the cloudy night
along the flow of time
The journey I made
From Singhal ocean to
Dark night of Malay sea;
I have travelled a lot too,
I had been in Bimbisar
The grey regime of Asoka,
In the city of Vidarbha.
Became tired to breathe
Around me danced the foam of sea
Raised her head from beneath
My weary soul got a moment’s respite
At the behest of Banalata Sen.

Her hair is deep black
Midnight darkness of Bidisha,
Her face, a sculpture of Sravasti
In a distant sea
A sailor who broke his rudder
Saw the island of green grass
In the fronds of cinnamon
So I saw her, Banalata Sen of Natore.
In the dark, raised her eyes in shy
Like the nest of birds
To whisper to me,
Murmuring me the song,
“Where had you been so long”

On the wing of Eagle
The golden sunray
Disappears in darkness.
As time passes by
Light shades down
Evening approaches
Like the sound of dew drop,
At the end of the day
As the darkness descends
Like whispering dews
When all the shades of life are put off
It is Deep Dark
Manuscript of life tells us the story
Story of abandoned life where
Fireflies twinkle in spark,
When all the birds fly back to nest
— All the rivers—-
All the transactions of life are closed
Behind the curtain of life,
Face to face I and
None but Banalata Sen of Natore.

রণেশ রায়

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