Microservices and Containers

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Together, micro services and Docker containers are dramatically improving the way large organizations build, deploy, manage and scale their applications. Now, for the first time, there’s a complete, practical guide to using them together.
Parminder Kocher shows how to leverage these technologies and paradigms to drive exponential improvements in DevOps effectiveness, on-demand scalability, application performance, time-to-market, reuse and application reliability. He also explains why micro services and containers should be deployed in combination and why deploying only one or the other can make things worse, not better.
Micro services and Containers also offers indispensable detailed guidance for migrating monolithic application architectures to micro services and containers. Kocher presents a complete transition roadmap, plus a start-to-finish case study showing how to transition a large SOA system to micro services. Offers deep insights into micro services architecture and benefits and an equally deep understanding of Docker containers, commands and files
Includes a practical roadmap and complete hands-on case study for converting monolithic architectures to micro services
Clearly explains when to use micro services and containers and how to link them to your DevOps initiatives Part I: Micro services 1
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Micro services
Chapter 2: Switching to Micro services
Chapter 3: Interprocess Communication
Chapter 4: Migrating and Implementing Micro services
Part II: Containers
Chapter 5: Docker Containers
Chapter 6: Docker Installation
Chapter 7: Docker Interface
Chapter 8: Containers Networking
Chapter 9: Container Orchestration
Chapter 10: Containers Management
Part III: Hands-On Project—Putting Learning into Practice
Chapter 11: Case Study: Monolithic Helpdesk Application
Chapter 12: Case Study: Migration to Micro services
Chapter 13: Case Study: Containerizing a Helpdesk Application
Appendix A: Helpdesk Application Flow
Appendix B: Installing the Solr Search Engine.

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