STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG|Blog writing,Blogging Basics: 10 Secrets to take your Blog from Kick start to Awesome!(Bonus content) (Blogging in India Book 2)

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Are you wondering about how to start a blog? Do blogs ever make money? Is blog writing difficult? Indian bloggers are on the rise. But how do you ace the Indian Blogging scene? This book answers all these questions and more. This is the second book in the Blogging in India series. Creative content creator of one of India’s top Health wellness and lifestyle Blogs, Dr. Amrita shares a no hold barred look inside the makings of a successful blog.

Blogging sounds easy, but it needs a lot of work to create a successful blog. In India, there are very few guides for your blogging journey. This book by Dr.Amrita is the ultimate guide to unravel the Secrets of taking your Blog from kickstart to awesome.

This book has ten important steps for starting a blog, writing posts to find your ideal readers, marketing and monetization.

You will know the exact things I used to set up my blog from scratch.
How to write posts without writer’s block
How to find your ideal readers.
How to optimize your blog posts using the Yoast plugin, to make it rank organically on Google and other search engines.
How to make your Blog popular on social media
Steps to start monetizing our blog

Do you want to start a blog in India? Are you afraid?
Then this book is just what you need. Even if you have a blog, this book will help you take it to the next level .Dr.Amrita shares the platforms, resources, tools, books, and blogs which have helped in her own blogging journey.

The book includes
1)A step by step plan to create your Blog content plan
2)Social media and SEO made easy.
3)How to repurpose blog posts.
4)How to use free Podcasting tools, to take your Blog to the next level.
5)Why you should start a newsletter and what to use.
If writing is difficult, monetizing your blog may be even more tricky. Read this book now, to make your blog successful.

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