SUICIDE SQUAD Director David Ayer Confirms A Surprising Joker And Harley Quinn Fan Theory

With so much of Suicide Squad left on the cutting room floor, there are a tonne of theories about what director David Ayer originally had planned for these characters. Now, though, he’s confirmed another!

The #ReleaseTheAyerCut movie remains as vocal as ever on social media, and one Suicide Squad fan recently gained quite a bit of attention for sharing a compelling theory about the 2016 release.

Sharing some photos from behind the scenes of the DC Comics adaptation, they pointed out a mysterious woman wearing a red dress in a scene with The Joker was completely cut from David Ayer’s movie. Believing that the Clown Prince of Crime may have kidnapped random girls and forced them to dress up as Harley Quinn, the Twitter user (whose theory can be found in full below) pointed out that it was likely the villain later killed these stand-ins. 

Well, Ayer has now weighed in on this, and confirmed that the fan theory is indeed correct. 

This adds another twisted element to The Joker, and it might have helped that weird scene – where he’s surrounded by guns and baby clothes – make a little more sense. Unfortunately, the relationship between him and Harley was somewhat watered down in Suicide Squad‘s theatrical cut. 

Check out this theory, and Ayer’s response, below:


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