The golden time

The Golden time
Ashim chandra paul
Dated: June 09,2021
Sylhet, Bangladesh

After a long time
Now,I am in my village,
A lots of joy
A lots of happy passing moments
Uncountable worries
Uncountable happiness
Remind’s me,
My golden age.

After a long time
I can see my childhood friend,
I can see my broken school
I can see the flower garden
I can’t imagine
I can’t believe
What a happiness
Astonished me till the end.

After a long time
I can see the ‘patlai’ river,
I can see the wide field
I can hear the cowboy’s song
I can’t leave it
I can’t describe it
Which ask me to join
Eagerly forever.

After a long time
It teaches me the truth,
It gives me a moral lesson
It gives me a direction
It gives me a path
It gives me the real feeling
It gives me the real time
Which remain keeps my youth.

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