You Must Learn Vbscript for Qtp/Uft: Don’t Ignore the Language for Functional Automation Testing, Black & White Edition

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Are You Interested in QTP/UFT?

This is one of the best VBScript books specifically for QTP/UFT

Note: Book available on your tablet, phone, PDF, PC, Mac, and paperback (Black/White & Color). You will find details of downloading the PDF document inside the book.

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Why Read Part 1 – You Must Learn VBScript for QTP/UFT?

Most VBScript books provide a great deal of VBScript information that is not necessary for QTP/UFT. On the other hand, there are QTP/UFT books that do not provide enough VBScript information. This disparity of information causes automation engineers to struggle with automation projects involving VBScript. This book offers applicable VBScript information for QTP/UFT via screenshots and code that can be used with all VBScript Editors or QTP/UFT.

Is Communication Important?

Absolutely, communication is important. People all over the world express their thoughts, feelings, and information through communication. VBScript is a lightweight programming language that communicates to QTP/UFT. It is impossible to effectively test an Application Under Test (AUT) using QTP/UFT without learning VBScript.

Target Audience

Beginners (Minimum to no knowledge of programming)

Don’t Miss Out! You Need To Read This Book So You Can Learn:

    ✓ Variables and Data Types
    ✓ Hungarian Naming Convention
    ✓ Operators
    ✓ Arrays
    ✓ Flow Control
    ✓ Procedures/Functions
    ✓ Objects

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